Left Arrow Green

April 6, 2014

If you ride motorcycles in urban or suburban settings, you’ll quickly note that multi-taskers live in left turn lanes. They are doing everything but paying attention to the signals…


Light change, green arrow;
In this designated lane.
Eyes up to left oblique
Throttle rolls, demands the strain-

Torque pulls the wheels forth
Press handlebars for lean.
Velocity past ten and then-
The v-twin gets hard mean.

Together clutch and toe refine
A better gear select-
Angles rate and past quite clean
Look through to lane elect.

And back to roll more gas to give
The fuel injectors hot.
Ventilator gasps the passing breeze
Blow by the sluggish lot.

Clean air proceeds, to cut a path;
And slipstream straight ahead,
Tires bite black asphalt sheen,
Keep rpm-s from scale of red.

Carrot Street Rider

March 28, 2014

Locke Ness Monster, Bessie, Kipsy and Champ may be mythical water monsters, but they don’t affect motorcycling in the traditional sense. However, there is a monster threat to riders in southern Texas- The Carrot Street Possum. I’ve seen it myself; and it’s something I wish I could ‘un-remember’!


Shortcut avenue, minus signal light-
Saves anguish from the traffic blight.
But monsters lurk; quickly blossom,
Giant, fierce; the Carrot Street Possum!

Cool spring day on side street cruise,
Attention span you hold- don’t lose.
In third gear now and breeze is fine.
V-twin revs, keep right of line.

But suddenly from ditches dim-
Lumbers toothy little rhino grim.
Eyesight poor, caution blind-
Scamper on but pass behind.

Into abyss on other side-
Racing heart is hard to hide.
I slow to catch my breath, then ride.
Doubters cast aspersions; lied,
On Carrot Street the legend possum eyed.

Stage One Labor

March 21, 2014

Making a ‘stage one’ upgrade to your motorcycles v-twin engine usually involves three things; bigger air intake, more open (more noisy) exhaust system, and a reprogramming of your electronic fuel computer. Some guys skip the reprogramming step, but it’s important for engine health. Stage one is not cheap but usually sounds better….


Factory grumble slightly weak
Scheduled fuel just needs a tweak-
Add a bigger air intake,
Decrement in mileage make.

Laptop placed downloaded plan
Update now on faster LAN,
Electrons pulse injectors right,
Torque improvement nice but slight.

Exit pipes with tips of black,
Careful placement in the rack.
Open breather takes more air,
Crafted mount installed with care.

Piston pressure; gauge some slack-
Idles deeply, throttles smack!
Injectors pumping robust grade-
Stage one upgrade now is made.

Crime of Grime

February 28, 2014

Have you read any earlier posts? No?! Well, you may be better off…

Motorcycles were made to ride. Unfortunately, you almost need to spend as much time cleaning your ride as riding. Of course, I don’t-


Guilt of Grime

Lower frame encased with grit,
Purchase yellow washing mit-
No time to wash, it’s leave I must,
Fairing visor caked in dust.

Tank is waxed but dingy green;
Pollen covers factory sheen.
Conscience calls to wash the wheels-
Underneath to clean the keel.

Bags have lost their luster bright-
Grime obscures hues that delight.
Chrome don’t shine that foundry built;
Wash today- just too much guilt.

Magnetic Alignment Cruiser

January 6, 2014

There’s been a lot of news lately about animals with magnetic sensitivity. Some of them probably do have it; but the stories are fishy. It got me thinking that maybe when I ride or work on my motorcycle, I should magnetically align for improved results!


Compass points up to the north,
Quarts of oil; a third or fourth?
Robins sense magnetic fields-
South for fuel? High octane yields!

Turtle wax for tins is best,
But should I point the frame out west?
Dogs align for number two;
Do the same for brake pads new?

Fish swim back; magnetic force,
Roadway heading- change my course.
Now they claim the poles will flop-
Adjust my valves with nut at top.

Thankful Haters’ Patio

January 3, 2014

It’s a new year the Good Lord has given us. We need to be thankful for what we we have today. However, motorcyclists notice when another rider has a newer and better ride. We hate those guys!! :)) The last line is my attempt at irony…


A cafe near an interstate,
Exit towards the western gate-
Patio is wide and clean;
Riders congregate to dream.

Motorcycle cruises warm,
Fair breezes block approaching storms.
Hearts are glad with empty plate,
There goes one! Those guys we hate.

Our humble rides of colors plain
Fancier would wallets drain-
But those guys cruise without a care;
New steeds of chrome; with power to spare.

Engines large to pass us by-
Fancy bags that make us cry.
Extra lights that flash and bait;
Smug riders that we love to hate.

Obvious ‘inheritor’!
Those payments- we are way too poor.
Matching clothes with gilded trim;
Full audio with custom rims.

Dejected we; they ride on by
Without salute; ‘too cool’ we cry!
Sulking towards our rides for home-
Suffer with this 103; I roam.

Shakespeare Fuel Light

December 9, 2013

Since I continue to rely on others for ideas, I will ‘borrow’ from the old bard’s Sonnet 26.

The worst part of running out of gas on a motorcycle is having to explain it to yourself. To others you will tell little white lies like ‘the gauge was off, or ‘my fuel computation routine malfunctioned’ or ‘there must be water in my fuel’, But you know what really happened- burned out fuel caution light. Right….

Regret the thought-, to turn another road;
And stretch the liquid energy within!
But hence, perchance a lark will sing
And song will bring me to the pump with grin.

Tarred stone compressed for me to make headway;
As on black bladders I do roll-
RPM’s of torque do pull me hence;
Spying stations flush doth my eye troll.

Cruel fate, that drives me on beyond the range
Computed swiftly on the white faced dial;
Forlorn the sputtering doth softly speak-
Fuel warning light is dark and did beguile-

Fob Musings

December 6, 2013

First, are you taking time to read one of these poems everyday? No? Well I can hardly blame you…

The Magic Fob

Years ago when the earth was still cooling, a ‘fob’ was a small metal emblem attached to pocket watches. Today they are electronic and used to allow your motorcycle to start. Fobs are cool and quick, just don’t leave them next to a cell phone or other magnet based devices.


Fob so small and curvy smart-
Won’t you once again please start;
Electric process which begins,
Hot combustion pistons in.

Proximity you signal now,
Relaxes cutout quick somehow!
Flashes lights and signals small-
Warning teenage vandals all-

Pants pocket or cordura vest,
Hiding out of sight- request,
Acceleration while I roll;
Release the horses you control.

Tryptophan Tender

November 29, 2013

Battery tenders work well keeping middle aged batteries puffing along. Mechanics also use tenders to fully charge new batteries before installing them into your ride. However, you should never eat a turkey Thanksgiving meal THEN charge a new battery. This activity could put you into a permanent coma!


Motorcycle bright blue tank,
devours charge with starting crank-
Short trips for treats and waffles dutch,
keep you boosted? not so much…

But turkey day arrives quite cool
Parts store open makes me drool-
New batteries all glisten black,
Attach the tender, fork unpack.

Dinner done and stuffed am I,
Tender’s lights still flash I spy-
Tryptophan flows in my veins;
Wearily I watch; in vane.

Hours pass with football scores,
Dreams are filled with battery chores-
Recliner holds me firm with sleep-
Tender pulses charge to keep.

Service Manual Poem

November 22, 2013

Pithy title eh-

Every motorcyclist should own a service manual for his or her particular ride.
In the servicing sections, it reminds you of what to service, what materials to use in servicing, and when to service
In systems sections it gives details on motorcycle hardware disassembly and reassembly.
Service manuals are also great late night sleep aids!


Precious pages knowledge rich,
Secrets of transmission glitch-
When to change brake fluid slime;
Voltage good in battery brine.

Stop and go turns oil quite black,
Brake pads set with proper slack.
Foot pound numbers nut secure
Hazy memories get un-blurred.

Clutch pull carpel-tunnel prone,
A pouch not there for your iPhone.
Lumens weak and out of aim,
Described within most clear and plain.

So if you need to fix your ride-
In the Feds do not confide!
Turn to pages scribed for you-
Riding confidence renewed.


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