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Front Tire Wear

November 29, 2009

During pre-ride check notice tire wear,

right side looking ready but the left is bare.

Deep tread is lopsided towards the starboard side,

searching for some theories to explain divide.

Symmetrical for safety is objective fine,

but turning to the left bares a longer grind.

Is this the fate of riders on the modern road,

to wear out those new ‘fronters’ with uneven load.

It may be best for evens that a right I make,

Thus saving a few dollars from a left pressed rake.



Changing the Oil

November 27, 2009

Three thousand miles of smooth riding fun,

Oil turning dark, means my riding’s done.

Time to change the oil, oh, and find that nut,

Filter which brand, and the oil type rut.

Ten with ‘W’ 40 says the guide quite clear,

Old filter on too tightly, makes my tempter sear!

Adding three quarts plenty with all parts in place,

Run the motor gently till no leaks can trace.

Saved some of my money by the work I do,

Cleanup toxic remnants and the job is through.


1200 GS

November 20, 2009

Lack of chrome reveals the smarts,

engineering prowess plus ergonomic art.

Second to none with handling to spare,

on or off road, some wheels in air.

Rain or shine this baby will go,

its rugged, ready, and not just for show.

Big tank and high tech deep in the core,

riding this bike is never a bore.

Power, design and cool for you,

little round emblem says B-M-W.

Forward!2010 BMW R1200 GS in red trim

The Iambic ’09 Nightster

November 19, 2009

2009 Harley Davidson NighsterAn ’09 Nightster loafs defiant on its stand,

leaning to the left, worth about nine grand.

Black and flat silver grace the peanut tank,

while two chrome pipes allure this viewing yank.

Evolution engine with twelve hundred strong,

thrusts this baby forward through the dark night long.

Sitting in the saddle makes me percolate,

Just to get this charger, man it’s hard to wait.

Shortened tins and lean look give it retro style,

to guys of most age groups brings a daring smile.

Just a few additions like the big breather kit,

acceleration beckons when the fuel gets lit-


Fast Food Cruise

November 16, 2009

He chose to ride quite late in life,

The family begged, “do the duffers plight”.

His patience tried beyond dispair,

Those sneaky trips to the dealers’ ware.

So now on cruise down a boulevard,

All eyes on him and his engine hard.

He cannot stop except for lights,

or french fries crisp in the drive through bright.



November 16, 2009

Reliable Steed with closed shaft drive,

Genuine feel and Milwaukee pride.

Clean engineering with latest tech,

Cost is the driver, rocket pet.

Basic Rider Course – then you choose,

Safety first; if not you lose!


Morning Ride

November 16, 2009

Dry road hard greets sun glare,

Gloves on last then visor down.

Choke for start and start button press,

Nice strong growl so squeeze the clutch.

Feel the torque, gas level low,

Credit card.


November 16, 2009

Two pipes shine

Five gears push

Brakes stop fine