Two pipes shine

Five gears push

Brakes stop fine



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3 Responses to “#1”

  1. Lyndon Dave Says:

    It’s been awhile since i’ve examine articles within the internet and have been really busy on individuals days. I miss this type of write-up, total of data, direct to the point, possessing good subject resource and most of all quite fine writter. I’m really blessed to possess stumbled to this kind of writtings and also this topic which interest me most. I will not deny that truth that i will kept on reading all of the great posts in right here. Thanks! and Maintain up the fine writting!

  2. Lawrence Schuff Says:

    I normally don’t post comments on blogs, but I had to make an exception for this. Your title #1 Motorcycle Poems has a bunch of extra – – – (dashes), it looks kinda funny. I’m using the Chrome browser if that helps. Just thought I’d make a quick post and let you know. Oh by the way have you ever thought of having some sort of sweepstakes. I think it would do for your blogs rankings in Google. Those type of posts always bring in the traffic. Lawrence Schuff

  3. Clarita Vanderhoot Says:


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