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Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer

December 31, 2009

inspired by the 1950s TV program starring Broderick Crawford

The mounted patrolman,

on new roads and old.

Two wheels and sirens-

in the heat and the cold.

With radio contact,

and roadblocks for sure!

Reinforce Broderick’s legend-

give them bad boys the ‘cure’.



New Years Eve Morning

December 31, 2009

The traffic much lighter,

less hurried the pace.

Most people are sleeping-

a break from the race.

Vacations are taken-

the end of the year!

Anticipate football,

lost touchdowns the fear.

Despite the cold weather,

cloudy skies and the fog-

A V-twin a- ridin’;

and more miles will I log.

Fog Ride

December 31, 2009

Plagiarized from Carl Sandburg’s Fog (apologies!)

The fog comes softly,

makes it hard to see.

Settles on metal,

as I turn the key.

Stray cat startled,

on his little cat feet.

V-Rod New Years

December 24, 2009

Plagiarized from Clement Clarke Moore (Twas the Night Before Christmas)

Twas the night before New Years and in the garage,

The V-Rod was stirring, parked next to the Dodge.

Its keys were hung neatly arranged on the rack,

I’d slip in a short ride – while they nibbled on snacks.


This cold night for sure – it demanded full dress,

A helmet and gloves, several layers no less.

I quietly rustled around for my boots,

Slipped on my chaps, my best friend in cahoots.


The door closed discretely as a TCLOCS was done,

All systems were readied it was time for some fun!

The engine turned over quite smoothly and quick,

I was off down the road with a thumbs up from Nick.


Just a mile or two – was all the time that I had,

I’d look at some angels, go back home – be a gad.

But what to my wondering eyes did appear-

Lights flashing behind me, some yelling – oh, Dear!


She opened the car door, and made such a clatter,

I shut down my hot V-Rod, to see what was the matter.

“You’ve ruined my party”, – all the neighbors could hear;

My arms fell around her, in regret – drew her near.


“It’s the V-Rod”, I whimpered; just a little white lie,

“It makes you jump on it – and ride?”; her reply.

Overhead there was rumbling, we looked up in full fear,

Air Force One flying over, flaps halfway and with gear!


Obama was waving and throwing out gifts,

“All America loves me, and my emotional lifts!”

He needed some prompting, seemed in love with himself,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!


A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know that our future was dread.

We stood there in wonder as he shouted to us-

“New health care taxation, no more cars – ride the bus!


My V-Rod rode angry as I made my way home,

The wife was a steamin’, when I got to the phone.

Our congressman listed intently at first-

But hinted there might be more news, yet the worst!


“You see, new environment laws will demand,

all gas burning engines may be banned in our land.”

This news was disturbing but taken in stride-

Happy New Year to all – forget Barry – Let’s Ride!

The Bike Not Purchased

December 19, 2009

with apologies to Robert Frost (plagiarized from his poem ‘The Road Not Taken’):

Two rides displayed on the showroom floor,

Without sufficient funds for both-

And being one buyer, long I stood;

Looking at price, best features – I should…?

Near closing time, make a choice – I would.


Then took the cheapest, just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim-

Though less snazy, it wanted wear;

A little less power, chrome and pride

It kept from scorn towards me, my bride.


Yet, both rides that morning on display

No tire yet taken on asphalt black.

Oh, I kept the other for another day!

When price and paycheck lead the way,

Never doubting that often I’d be back.


I tell this tale of buying past

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two rides displayed on the showroom floor, and I-

I took the one less glamourized,

And that has kept the spouse less energized.

JPM Pro Street

December 19, 2009

Legal street and highway,

with a full sized frame-

Crafty smaller engine,

Johnny Pag’s the name.

Styling fits the purpose

while the wheels look hip-

cruising with your neighbors

at the perfect clip.

Made in California

with nice forks up front

despite three hundred cc

man, this ride’s no runt.

Pro Street!

Helmet Rhyme #1

December 16, 2009

Fits Me


Sun or rain

Don’t Complain!

Shakespeare on Hayabusa

December 15, 2009

Plagiarized from Romeo & Juliet

‘Tis but thy name that is acceleration

Thou art thyself, a streetbike full of speed

Twin swirl combustion chambers in condition

Plus liquid cooling help to feed the need

What’s in a name, that which we call Hayabusa

By any other name would be so fleet.


Rocker C Rhyme #1

December 15, 2009

In my opinion, the Harley-Davidson Rocker C is one of the finest looking motorcycles on the road today. I don’t have any other information on them as I’ve never ridden one. I’d be proud to have one through – but the price tag is pretty steep! Here’s a short rhyme about a great looking motorcycle.


Chopper line

Twins shine

Tail floats

Rider gloats



December 12, 2009

Looking futuristic in a hurried way,

Traffic or the turnpike you’ll be making hay.

Over sixteen hundred sit between your limbs,

Boulevard or twisties it exceeds your whims.

Slipper clutch and shaft drive speed you down the road,

Acceleration inside always beats your goad.