Middle Aged Fatboy Free Verse

Some ideas stolen from the Book of Job Ch 39


Idle time for Fatboy proud, just past prime,

Maroon with flames on tank and tins.

Displayed on showroom floor that shines,

Twelve thousand miles as it begins.

Milwaukee gave this steed its strength,

Brains and brawn carved steel and thunder,

Is age a part of its design at length,

No, just majesty on bridge and under.

It pawed in valley deep without regard,

and cruised in power bright concrete hard.

Roaring into clash of road and weather,

it mocks at fear of night or heat,

Neither bows from distance or whatever,

On the byways what providence may greet.

It turns back not from rolling threat,

despite the rattles of journey great.

It devours distance with fiery rage,

internal pressures and the fuel gauge.

But now, it rests on sidestand left,

Awaiting sounds of the trumpet blast.

To start the battle once again with grace,

and face the road and wind and heat, at last.



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