Triumph StreetTriple #1

Designed for the street and turning fun,

Young man’s daring and 12 valves to run.

Water cooled three cylinder, responsive chain drive,

12,000 revolutions – no lead is contrived.

The chassis’s good for newbies or the local track,

Twin level oval sections exhaust the gas in back.

Two headlamps are distinctive near the big brass bars,

Your smiles will be prolific as you speed past cars.


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2 Responses to “Triumph StreetTriple #1”

  1. Charlotte Miller Says:

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. I think your overall ideas are fine but you might want to put a little more thought into your next posts. I say this becuase it seems like your writing style has gone downhill a bit as opposed to your previous posts. – C.

  2. mcpoems Says:

    Thanks for the honest feedback; that’s what I’m looking for! Sometimes I ‘reach’ a little to keep from being too repetitive. Will work harder-

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