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The Errand Ride

February 27, 2010

Are you motorcycle riders like me? – you dream about that cross country trip with the warm wind rushing around your helmet (because I KNOW you guys always wear your helmets) but you end up spending more time on your bike going to the store or the post office… come on – if you are a real rider you know what I’m talking about. Here’s a poem for all those short trips….


Beans, bacon, stamps and tools,

upshifting and downshifting;

Check traffic left and right, you go,

you’ve got the list she gave,

and thought of one more you know.


Staples, fax, detergent and pizza,

upshifting and downshifting;

Sun glare is in your eyes-

Did I bring the orange juice coupon,

and return the book on spies.


Eggs, cards, and vacuum bags,

upshifting and downshifting;

I check both mirrors quite often.

a new work shirt of white would help

and lotions her hands soften.


Tax, titles, and college classes,

upshifting and downshifting;

Garage door needs that special coil.

Still dream of riding far and wide,

remember virgin olive oil.


The Parking Decision

February 26, 2010

Parking your motorcycle is actually a big part of motorcycle ownership. Each time you ride your bike you have to stop and park somewhere… and that is an important decision with respect to bike care and maintenance. Finding a spot with the optimum geometry (slight forward rise and just a hint of left lean) gives the motorcycle the best stability. You want to park away from wind and other drivers if possible. Some thought is needed when parking! As far as the poem goes, I’m still not satisfied with the third section. Any suggestions?


Along the curve, by fence or post

away from other cars;

Beside the sign with space for most,

No symmetry that mars.


Protected space from wind is best,

a shelter from the rain.

Garage each night for slumber rest,

no rust or dents is gain.


The grade, a shallow rise just right;

to lean it on side left.

A concrete surface is – delight,

or rock, a safety cleft.


For every stop, decide I must,

a place to park my ride.

A quick escape for wonderlust,

dry parking spot abide.

Winter Riding Guilt (saluting e e cummings)

February 26, 2010

E. E. Cummings was a poet who wrote verse with little or no punctuation; which I have always found interesting. So I thought I might write a short verse about feeling guilty riding my motorcycle in the south during the winter months while my northern counterparts aren’t able. Well – there could be some guilt! I’m from up north and feel for those guys who can’t enjoy their rides during the ice season. Note alternate ending!


no ice or snow to mar my way

i roll the iron windward

the boys up north inside must stay

the guilt i feel is inward

despite the date and lack of heat

the pipes their noises please

the boys up north cannot compete

with a dry and temperate breeze

…. alternate ending

the boys up north cannot compete

but risk untimely sneezes

Right Curve Free Verse

February 26, 2010

OK, this is a pretty lame attempt to desribe the technique used and forces experienced while making a right hand turn at speed on a motorcycle. Basically, as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends, you slow – look – press – and roll (roll on throttle). So as you slow to negotiate the curve, you slide a little to the outside of the curve … stay in your lane … then press the handlebar in the direction you want to go. It’s lots of fun. I will continue to work on this free verse to improve…


Lazy day cruising on backroads sparse;

Right curve ahead ’round one thick woods,

Engine slowed with muffled growl-

Lower wind pressure is understood.

Pushes me forward as I brace against the bars.

Easing to the left portion of my lane, checking for traffic and threats;

I press the right handlebar,

which leans the steed right pushing me down in the seat.

Just a little throttle to stabilize, then press on the left bar to complete.

Roll out with more throttle – accelerate!

Rain Delay

February 15, 2010

The weather in February has been very wet and several days it was tough to ride without rain gear. Kept hoping for at least some sun – didn’t have to be warm. Finally I just gave up and went out rain or no… Ride carefully in the rain!


The sky is glum with cool distain,

my bike and I, both wait in vain.

Fat raindrops plop with a flat refrain,

Puddles form with oily stain.

Rain delay.

Again I check the steel gray sky,

blind hope for sunlight in my eye.

More raindrops fall – all far from dry,

more drizzle days, it makes me cry-

Rain delay!

Intense it grows with thunder claps,

resigned, I wear rain gear and chaps.

The pelting has me check for gaps,

a GPS – I need no maps!

Rain ride.

Motorcycle Velocity

February 15, 2010

This poem comes from the frustration experienced by trying to drive close to the speed limit while on my motorcycle; yet having to deal with those drivers who seem to think that speed limits don’t apply to them or their vehicles. People don’t realize that their impatience gains them very little in today’s highway and road system. There is always a stoplight waiting for them ahead. And the fuel impacts! Think of the children!! ‘Hydes’ are your friends and neighbors – nice folks like the meek Dr. Jekyll who turn into Mr. Hydes on our streets and roads.


Fifty in a forty-five

for some, not fast enough-

they’re special and seems awful late,

They pass me in a huff.

At sixty in a fifty five,

with traffic I do flow;

Except for some at seventy,

I pain them don’t you know.

To creep along at twenty say,

the school, there on the right.

Their bumper is just feet away,

blind to the yellow lights!

Oh some sweet day a long time hence,

With patience I will ride.

Past houses, stores and schools – at speeds

without those raging ‘Hydes’.

Wind Song

February 9, 2010

A few lines to convey that strange lullaby that soothes the motorcycle rider as he or she accelerates down the road; towards their final destination


Two wheels for me when the work is done,

past intersections filled with anxious eyes.

To some unknown destination run;

– wind song for me it buys

Under stoplights, wires and signs

by stores and restaurants galore.

Track housing and an airport fine,

– wind song, please pass me more!

Glide by the bones of bored fatigue

and sleep; but not so keenly felt.

As miles beneath my feet speed on

– and wind song I am dealt.

Alas the destination view

and even time stands still,

His work has made it all brand new

– the wind song and the thrill

Motorcycle Meteorologist

February 8, 2010

Wrote this poem because it is apparent most motorcyclists check the weather quite diligently before riding. Some actually do a rather in depth check on the internet.


Near wind blown shores

or lonesome isles,

Before I ride

a salt-spray mile.


The RADAR check

and forecast day,

Before I ride

past corn or hay.


Up mountains grand,

down gorges deep.

Before I ride,

dewpoints to keep.


On highways swift,

or back roads slow.

Before I ride,

check frontal lows.


Through gathering storms,

or sunshine fair.

Before I ride,

dissect the air.

Winter Cruiser Haiku

February 5, 2010

I forgot about the Haiku format for poetry and saw it posted the other day. So I read a little about the style and threw this up after a cold mid-winter ride.


Late winter wet chill

Bundle up for short ride thrill

Coffee cream and sugar