Wind Song

A few lines to convey that strange lullaby that soothes the motorcycle rider as he or she accelerates down the road; towards their final destination


Two wheels for me when the work is done,

past intersections filled with anxious eyes.

To some unknown destination run;

– wind song for me it buys

Under stoplights, wires and signs

by stores and restaurants galore.

Track housing and an airport fine,

– wind song, please pass me more!

Glide by the bones of bored fatigue

and sleep; but not so keenly felt.

As miles beneath my feet speed on

– and wind song I am dealt.

Alas the destination view

and even time stands still,

His work has made it all brand new

– the wind song and the thrill


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3 Responses to “Wind Song”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Will be interested in reading more about motorcycle sensations…not sometihing that I plan on doing, but interested in how you’ll capture the experience for nonriders like me.

  2. mcpoems Says:

    Thanks for the reply. Hadn’t really considered sharing sensations for non-riders… but it gives me an idea or two. Will explore!

  3. harley davidson accessories Says:

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