Right Curve Free Verse

OK, this is a pretty lame attempt to desribe the technique used and forces experienced while making a right hand turn at speed on a motorcycle. Basically, as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends, you slow – look – press – and roll (roll on throttle). So as you slow to negotiate the curve, you slide a little to the outside of the curve … stay in your lane … then press the handlebar in the direction you want to go. It’s lots of fun. I will continue to work on this free verse to improve…


Lazy day cruising on backroads sparse;

Right curve ahead ’round one thick woods,

Engine slowed with muffled growl-

Lower wind pressure is understood.

Pushes me forward as I brace against the bars.

Easing to the left portion of my lane, checking for traffic and threats;

I press the right handlebar,

which leans the steed right pushing me down in the seat.

Just a little throttle to stabilize, then press on the left bar to complete.

Roll out with more throttle – accelerate!


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