The Parking Decision

Parking your motorcycle is actually a big part of motorcycle ownership. Each time you ride your bike you have to stop and park somewhere… and that is an important decision with respect to bike care and maintenance. Finding a spot with the optimum geometry (slight forward rise and just a hint of left lean) gives the motorcycle the best stability. You want to park away from wind and other drivers if possible. Some thought is needed when parking! As far as the poem goes, I’m still not satisfied with the third section. Any suggestions?


Along the curve, by fence or post

away from other cars;

Beside the sign with space for most,

No symmetry that mars.


Protected space from wind is best,

a shelter from the rain.

Garage each night for slumber rest,

no rust or dents is gain.


The grade, a shallow rise just right;

to lean it on side left.

A concrete surface is – delight,

or rock, a safety cleft.


For every stop, decide I must,

a place to park my ride.

A quick escape for wonderlust,

dry parking spot abide.


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