The Errand Ride

Are you motorcycle riders like me? – you dream about that cross country trip with the warm wind rushing around your helmet (because I KNOW you guys always wear your helmets) but you end up spending more time on your bike going to the store or the post office… come on – if you are a real rider you know what I’m talking about. Here’s a poem for all those short trips….


Beans, bacon, stamps and tools,

upshifting and downshifting;

Check traffic left and right, you go,

you’ve got the list she gave,

and thought of one more you know.


Staples, fax, detergent and pizza,

upshifting and downshifting;

Sun glare is in your eyes-

Did I bring the orange juice coupon,

and return the book on spies.


Eggs, cards, and vacuum bags,

upshifting and downshifting;

I check both mirrors quite often.

a new work shirt of white would help

and lotions her hands soften.


Tax, titles, and college classes,

upshifting and downshifting;

Garage door needs that special coil.

Still dream of riding far and wide,

remember virgin olive oil.


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2 Responses to “The Errand Ride”

  1. motorcycle: The Errand Ride | Helmet Hair Motorcycle News Says:

    […] full post on Social Media Firehose copy Category: UncategorizedTags: Errand > Motorcycle > […]

  2. slpmartin Says:

    Out of fear…I do not ride a motorcycle…but his was such a clever and fun poem to read….it could apply to anyone who has a “list.” Thanks really enjoyed it!

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