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Motorcycle Tweet #1

March 27, 2010

I’ve never used twitter, and that won’t change. But I was wondering what motorcycles would tweet if they were allowed to use twitter… Don’t even know if the following is in the correct format for a tweet-



my vance & hines are loud and grim

i’d rather hear a melodious hymm


Information Technology Motorcycling

March 25, 2010

This week I visited the National Electronics Museum near the Baltimore, MD airport (BWI). It was interesting to see all the history of RADAR and some milestone microwave device displays. The concept of information technology [IT] has been around now for a long time ( > 20 years ) and we are still looking for that elusive return on investment for IT. But just because IT normally costs more than it is worth – doesn’t mean we can’t apply it to our riding experience. Case in point – GPS devices! Here’s to IT and motorcycles…


Key turned; a signal sent to say begin,

computer measures fuel.

Sensors read from both tires below,

two pressures say ‘we’re cool’.

Piston’s fire with tooled grace,

the feedback is concise.

Electrons flow from windings tight-

through circuits so precise.

New GPS reads signals weak

from high above my fun-

Release the brake, accelerate!

the lights behind say run.

The engine revs, improved for sure,

its power is neatly traced.

Intake refined and pipes are fit,

exhaust roars as I’m braced.

I speed away down streets I know-

a RADAR gun is aimed.

The officer, he smiles and shows

his computer has me blamed.

My signature upon a screen,

another signal on the roam-

I ride to buy detector new

my ticket beats me home.

Two Spring Warnings

March 15, 2010

Last weekend was warm and sunny in southeast Texas; and predictably out came the bugs and the motorcyclists. You would tell they were out because the bugs were gathering around flowers and streetlamps, and the motorcyclists were gathering near gas stations and biker bars. Spring has begun here in the southern tier of U.S. states – but there were two ominous warnings this weekend also; one from the U.S. Social Security Administration and one from China. The SS folks are now actually starting to have to cash in their bonds – and the Chinese sent out a nasty note saying the U.S. better protect the value of the dollar. Fat chance!


Warm breezes pull forth branches’ buds,

with green the color of new life.

V-twins the pastoral quiet breaks,

mosquitos, wasps, and others rife.


Spring has sprung with promise held,

and cheery outlooks banish cold-

but darker linings’ stains remain,

slippery lies imperil our hold.


Living fast and free too long,

in fear to face real consequence.

Ignore the gauge which tells the tale,

of cowardice and ignorance.


So on we ride, warm breezes bliss;

past social motorcycles new.

On borrowed time and dollars free-

benign enslavement; no one knew?

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi #1

March 13, 2010

Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh played recordings of Speaker Pelosi’s inspiring words about passing the nationalized health care proposal. She said aspiring writers like me should be able to quit our dreary jobs and pursue our dreams because Uncle Sam would take care of our health care bills. Right On Nancy! I want to get paid for riding motorcycles and writing poems about riding motorcycles!!


Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, your recent speech was divine!

I’ve been wasting my life doing work all this time-

Being afraid I’d lose coverage if I walked off the job,

But your promises promise – health care always is mine.


Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, you said guys just like me-

should pursue all our passions, that health care should be free.

Madam Speaker, so beautiful, use your personal charm!

So I’ll ride motorcycles and write poems; do no harm-


If I’d only of known, all it takes is some hope,

Instead of hard work all these years – what a dope!

Now I’ll spend all my time having fun with my bike,

Let rich Republicans pay – yea you’re right, I like Ike!

Friday Night Date Ride

March 13, 2010

Sitting at an outside table of an unnamed hot beverage establishment, several motorcycles passed by a brightly lit intersection. Now, on the surface this would seem to be fairly mundane – but hey; this is a motorcycle poetry blog ya know!


Headlights bright dazzle pavement dark,

the date, she rides behind.

Wait in string of sparkle lights,

green means – escape the grind.


Evening air, fatigued but fair,

the date, her arms are mine.

Mirrors reflect the vendors mark,

and flailing hair so fine.


Is Friday night for steady dates;

or simply time to scout?

As watchers age with coffee mates,

his steady rides or pouts.

Motorcycle Essence

March 11, 2010

It is very difficult to pin down, in verse – the quintessence or crux of why motorcycling is so enjoyable. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s not for lack of effort. In fact, the following poem took me almost fifteen minutes to compose!


Cars with big horses,

diesel trucks with more torque;

Power boats float their courses-

My front wheel’s in a fork.


Metal shell for protection,

long bed holds; does the haul-

Fishing talk, conversation,

fuel per mile – rather small.


Extra gadgets, more glisten,

get you there, ‘knowing’ style!

But I feel every piston

and remember each mile.


Motorcycles; the essence,

road and wind; riding low.

Gas and air mix beneath you,

and some chrome just for show.

Any Excuse to Ride

March 11, 2010

True motorcyclists will reach for any excuse to hit the road. This poem is another weak attempt on my part to express this phenomenon.


Breakfast sandwich, pair of socks,

I think I need that wrench.

The traffic’s light, a blue gift box;

try out that new park bench.


Saint Patrick’s Day, a starry night,

just watch the highway trucks.

The high school game where pride is might,

store special, save some bucks.


It looks like rain or maybe not,

I’m gone next week you know!

A birthday or a wedding knot,

a cattle rancher’s show.


Memorial Day, an oil change,

It’s Daylight Savings Time.

Some chinese food, or country grange;

Each ride excuse – sublime!

Two Wheeled Investor

March 10, 2010

There is so much investment information on TV and the internet these days. Motorcyclists have to make investments too you know! So how do you sort all the data and opinion for what fits you? Simple – you write a poem about it and investing becomes crystal clear.


Ten year notes and the discount rate,

the price of crude and copper;

Call option trades, expiration dates,

Should I buy that custom chopper?


News anchors speak, C-N-B-C,

as swaps confuse the hedgers.

The greenback sinks vs. overseas,

Red ink, it floods most ledgers.


Gas prices at the pump must rise,

where should I push my dollars…

The S-E-C bust those, whose lies;

have broken many scholars.


Stock moves on NASDAQ and the Dow,

track Alpha or the VIX.

Some Harley warrents climb, but how?

The FED has pumped the fix.

Prayer Meeting Ride

March 5, 2010

If you haven’t been paying attention – big government is getting bigger and more intrusive. One of the nice ways to get away from big government is get on your motorcycle and enjoy creation. On a parallel topic, the foundation of our nation has its basis in a document you may never have heard of – The Mayflower Compact. Read it. One of my favorite destinations is my local church on Wednesday evening for prayer meeting. Believe it or not the engine of our national well-being is the living faith of our people.


Congested traffic at lights on hold,

a dying sun sets in ruddy skies west.

The north wind bites with chilling cold,

but the throttle turns on to meet the quest.


Free now on two lane country road,

I ride straight on, cross single tracks.

Sometimes with cheer, or a heavy load,

To share the joy that most folks lack.


Twin cylinders pound out steady pace,

I seek to pray with those who trust.

In Christ Messiah and His redeeming grace,

On Wednesday night, a prayer meeting must.