Prayer Meeting Ride

If you haven’t been paying attention – big government is getting bigger and more intrusive. One of the nice ways to get away from big government is get on your motorcycle and enjoy creation. On a parallel topic, the foundation of our nation has its basis in a document you may never have heard of – The Mayflower Compact. Read it. One of my favorite destinations is my local church on Wednesday evening for prayer meeting. Believe it or not the engine of our national well-being is the living faith of our people.


Congested traffic at lights on hold,

a dying sun sets in ruddy skies west.

The north wind bites with chilling cold,

but the throttle turns on to meet the quest.


Free now on two lane country road,

I ride straight on, cross single tracks.

Sometimes with cheer, or a heavy load,

To share the joy that most folks lack.


Twin cylinders pound out steady pace,

I seek to pray with those who trust.

In Christ Messiah and His redeeming grace,

On Wednesday night, a prayer meeting must.


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