Two Wheeled Investor

There is so much investment information on TV and the internet these days. Motorcyclists have to make investments too you know! So how do you sort all the data and opinion for what fits you? Simple – you write a poem about it and investing becomes crystal clear.


Ten year notes and the discount rate,

the price of crude and copper;

Call option trades, expiration dates,

Should I buy that custom chopper?


News anchors speak, C-N-B-C,

as swaps confuse the hedgers.

The greenback sinks vs. overseas,

Red ink, it floods most ledgers.


Gas prices at the pump must rise,

where should I push my dollars…

The S-E-C bust those, whose lies;

have broken many scholars.


Stock moves on NASDAQ and the Dow,

track Alpha or the VIX.

Some Harley warrents climb, but how?

The FED has pumped the fix.


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2 Responses to “Two Wheeled Investor”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    A truly fun poem…thanks for sharing it.

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