Any Excuse to Ride

True motorcyclists will reach for any excuse to hit the road. This poem is another weak attempt on my part to express this phenomenon.


Breakfast sandwich, pair of socks,

I think I need that wrench.

The traffic’s light, a blue gift box;

try out that new park bench.


Saint Patrick’s Day, a starry night,

just watch the highway trucks.

The high school game where pride is might,

store special, save some bucks.


It looks like rain or maybe not,

I’m gone next week you know!

A birthday or a wedding knot,

a cattle rancher’s show.


Memorial Day, an oil change,

It’s Daylight Savings Time.

Some chinese food, or country grange;

Each ride excuse – sublime!


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2 Responses to “Any Excuse to Ride”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Very clever…it was enjoyable.

  2. Wall Heater Says:

    oil change needs to be done as often as possible to maintain the good performance of any kind of machinery *:.

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