Mrs. Nancy Pelosi #1

Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh played recordings of Speaker Pelosi’s inspiring words about passing the nationalized health care proposal. She said aspiring writers like me should be able to quit our dreary jobs and pursue our dreams because Uncle Sam would take care of our health care bills. Right On Nancy! I want to get paid for riding motorcycles and writing poems about riding motorcycles!!


Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, your recent speech was divine!

I’ve been wasting my life doing work all this time-

Being afraid I’d lose coverage if I walked off the job,

But your promises promise – health care always is mine.


Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, you said guys just like me-

should pursue all our passions, that health care should be free.

Madam Speaker, so beautiful, use your personal charm!

So I’ll ride motorcycles and write poems; do no harm-


If I’d only of known, all it takes is some hope,

Instead of hard work all these years – what a dope!

Now I’ll spend all my time having fun with my bike,

Let rich Republicans pay – yea you’re right, I like Ike!


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One Response to “Mrs. Nancy Pelosi #1”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    A clever twist on a news story….fun to read.

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