Two Spring Warnings

Last weekend was warm and sunny in southeast Texas; and predictably out came the bugs and the motorcyclists. You would tell they were out because the bugs were gathering around flowers and streetlamps, and the motorcyclists were gathering near gas stations and biker bars. Spring has begun here in the southern tier of U.S. states – but there were two ominous warnings this weekend also; one from the U.S. Social Security Administration and one from China. The SS folks are now actually starting to have to cash in their bonds – and the Chinese sent out a nasty note saying the U.S. better protect the value of the dollar. Fat chance!


Warm breezes pull forth branches’ buds,

with green the color of new life.

V-twins the pastoral quiet breaks,

mosquitos, wasps, and others rife.


Spring has sprung with promise held,

and cheery outlooks banish cold-

but darker linings’ stains remain,

slippery lies imperil our hold.


Living fast and free too long,

in fear to face real consequence.

Ignore the gauge which tells the tale,

of cowardice and ignorance.


So on we ride, warm breezes bliss;

past social motorcycles new.

On borrowed time and dollars free-

benign enslavement; no one knew?


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