Two Wheeled Recovery

Employment numbers are said to be inching upwards. Maybe. So many folks have lost their jobs since 2007 it’s hard to be sure we are out of recession. But there is one sure way to measure recovery… motorcycle sales. You betcha! Sales of discretionary durables like motorcycles are an almost pure, first order indicator of the economy’s vibrancy. So onward we press towards a motorcycle poem about where we are in the economic cycle.


Excesses rendered high and low,

cheaply gained by tarnished gold.

Achievement lacking righteousness-

while motorcycles briskly sold.


Numbing cold of joblessness,

abandoned dreams of youth so bold.

a winter hard of shallow hope,

and motorcycles sit unsold.


Time heals some wounds of recklessness,

slowly sifting new and old.

Workers back to shape the steel,

rides shine in rows not sold.


Creeping data, lines on graphs;

two wheeled recovery foretelling; told.

Stand on sand to face the dawn,

with motorcycles to be sold.


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