The Grecian Formula Rider

The financial markets have been in a tizzy lately over the value of the Euro and a spreading debt crisis in the European Union. What will be the outcome of the crisis and what’s the value of the Euro? Don’t worry – just keep riding. It will just take a few more $ and Euros to go anywhere or get anything.


Special suspension for a smooth ride,

as banks suspend their lending.

Footboards in place for comfort and feel,

Time-Value graphs – downward bending.


Dollars buy more motorcycles,

Euros paid but more required-

Touring on with saddlebags,

Exchange rates all are mired.


Greece is prime for riders true,

Bright sun and sea with history.

But pay their debts without some sweat…?

To most just history’s mystery.


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One Response to “The Grecian Formula Rider”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Clever connection between riding and the financial market…well said.

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