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Airport Ride Free Verse

June 25, 2010

Small airports off the beaten path are fun to explore on your motorcycle. Just be sure to review the airport layout, note and understand all the signs and markings on the taxiways – and give way to all aircraft!! Oh, yea – this is a FREE VERSE poem so it may not rhyme as much as usual – sorry about that…


Cruise past long hangers where wings await;

their masters’ key, weekend delight-

Taxi lines with warnings clear; in black and red

Give Way!; to wings who plan to land.


Slow and steady, watch for trucks,

which service craft and those who cheat the earth.

My grumbling twin complains to run-

Escape the rules to find the backroad mirth.


Big twin power of another kind,

waits silently and glints the sun.

Important money backs the glistening power-

sustaining flight as fleet as sound.


A meeker speed on this ride low.

Past those wings in rows for show, and dough-

and humbler fliers, propellers front on airport grounds;

V-Twin release to growl and roam.

Another visit someday soon-

As my ride and I; we hug the ground and make our rounds.