East of Giddings

You’re a long way from home, but still plan to make it back even after a hard, hot day in the sun. You’ve re-packed for the four and a half hour journey, and the bike is full of gas and ready to roar down the highway. But you have to consider the risks of loosing light and fatigue, and the unfamiliarity of the road. You break the ride up into different segments, and take a short break as you gain each milestone. Darkness and rain will slow your pace.


At highway’s edge with shadows long,

just south of Austin; a full day gone of toil and sweat.

Thick brown pack is swung across the back,

must gently ease into a long ride yet.


Each journey starts with gears in low,

right turn away from western sun.

It’s east he rides to get back home,

but Giddings first; the target run.


A highway sparse of traffic now,

most folks have made their treks by day.

He speeds past fence and lonesome doves,

as cooler air is rushed his way.


The pistons pound, pick up the pace,

It’s Giddings now, the hours have made.

To take a stretch and move the bones,

A little gas and water in the fading shade.


It’s east of Giddings now, and further east he goes-

A wondrous place for those who care to ride.

Old Texas sights with modern tech beneath,

The highway straight and flat and long-

And thunder in the east; beyond the east of Giddings’ skies.


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