Kung Pao Ride

Motorcycle enthusiasts have to eat too. Burgers, burritos, pizzas; and most important chinese. If you get that kung pao cravin’ – and you’re riding down the road on your v-twin; you’re in trouble – especially on a hot day – which adds lots of irony! Gotta find a good kung pao place.


Bugs fly low and sweat pours off your brow,

dense clouds above as dogs refrain their bark.

Start button push, you’re heading for kung pao,

The V-twin roars and startles panting lark.


Your helmet heats but wear it, that you must;

and jacket pads, they chafe your shoulders point.

Ride on, the warm blast seems to mock your way;

cravings press you towards your favorite spicy joint.


Cars drip a red-light air conditioned symphony,

and others’ windows open for a gesture of relief.

Yet on the asphalt desert’s shimmering pause,

kung poa, it beacons you with tasty oriental heat.


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One Response to “Kung Pao Ride”

  1. girlfromhaiti Says:

    lol, nice post. Hope you got your Kung Pao!

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