A Motorcycle Stimulus

Almost every sector of the economy is getting a federally funded stimulus these days. Housing, autos, banks, the unemployed – everyone seems to be getting handouts except us motorcycle riders. Why doesn’t Washington recognize that motorcycle riders are hurting too – we need that free government money to stimulate motorcycle rider creativity and sense of well being. Plus we promise to accelerate the money we get back into the economy for things like more chrome, bigger engines, new tires, pizza and chocolate candy. What’s not to like?


The v-twin sags into its slot, no fanfare bringing glee-

a little sad, depressed; it watches markets sink all day.

As others get a handout minus any handling fees,

of dollars freshly printed in D.C., the bloggers say.


Economies, supply – demand; with charts and graphs galore.

revised, updated and drilled down; the Fed it knows the way-

All in line for balm that’s blended on Potomac’s shore-

Upgrade my motorcycle! – based on money made today!


No wait, the data is confusing Wall Street pros repine-

The yen is climbing past the Euro; California in decline.

But I will boldly press along, my check is in the mail.

Fire up the v-twin, off we go! Into the autumn of travail-


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