The Green Motorcyclist

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal ( online version ) by Scott Adams [ you know, the creator of Dilbert ]. Anyway, Scott being a smart engineering type explains how difficult it is to be ‘green’ and save the earth through building ‘green’ buildings. He indicates it is hard for many reasons. Anyway, I thought about maybe it might be rather easy to be a ‘green biker’.


Save the earth from greenhouse gases, tides and famines;

decrease consumption – gas and other carbon atoms.

Use less throttle when passing that belching tractor-trailer rig,

the weeds keep growing in my garden – everywhere! And they get big!


But green, we must – be pushing on towards less consuming engines,

little things that huff and puff quite daintily I would confess.

Not carbon atoms they consume, no – other things that aren’t imagined.

So on we go with our commitment – doing more, consuming less.


Smaller tires need smaller brakes, for stopping we’ll just hesitate!

Much less iron in the frame – but toughness; it’s just down the drain-

Big batteries for DC bikes, will get you there – someday soon.

For if you start at six a-m; five miles you’ll gain and that by noon!


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