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More than a Whisper

September 9, 2010

Nanci Griffith – that great female vocalist from Austin, TX, sings a song about needing more than a whisper of love. So I used her idea at the end of this free verse. Motorcycles can’t love you back. But they can give more than a whisper; especially when you twist hard on the throttle. Remember, this is free verse so rhyming wasn’t a priority (sorry).


Back-roads grim or sleek uptown lights-

sixth gear ride towards bumper lines harsh.

And thoughts drift back to bright flashes – long dim,

and brittle memories strewn down dusty lanes.


But suddenly, cleared in quick with red hot revs;

around wide curves without regret.

His ride it speaks with steady roar,

straight on – much more than a whisper.


On the Ready Line

September 8, 2010

Sometimes you just want that old time, inefficient acceleration-


The mood can strike at any time,

an itch that just needs scratched-

To ride it out to the side-road light;

to stop and pause – on the ready line.


No malice felt as the red light beams,

A guest with horsepower new and fine-

No glance is needed as we wait,

as we wait for green – on the ready line.


A look ahead to clear the way,

no threats or children’s faces.

Accelerate to fifty quick-

Fierce torque, it rolls my wheels’ laces;

and feels fine from the ready line.


So if you ride a steed of steel,

with two wheels that roll aligned-

I’ll meet you there where the light is red;

first to fifty – from the ready line.