On the Ready Line

Sometimes you just want that old time, inefficient acceleration-


The mood can strike at any time,

an itch that just needs scratched-

To ride it out to the side-road light;

to stop and pause – on the ready line.


No malice felt as the red light beams,

A guest with horsepower new and fine-

No glance is needed as we wait,

as we wait for green – on the ready line.


A look ahead to clear the way,

no threats or children’s faces.

Accelerate to fifty quick-

Fierce torque, it rolls my wheels’ laces;

and feels fine from the ready line.


So if you ride a steed of steel,

with two wheels that roll aligned-

I’ll meet you there where the light is red;

first to fifty – from the ready line.


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5 Responses to “On the Ready Line”

  1. Robert Hightower Says:

    Would like to know if I could use this poem in a biker vlog. Will recite with appropriate music. I will be posting it to YouTube and embedding it to the Polar Bear Challenge site. Would like to have your name mentioned as the author.

    Robert H

  2. mcpoems Says:

    Mr. Hightower,
    Thank you for the comment and glad you like the poem. Please note that I charge a fee of $500.00 for non-commercial use of any of my individual poems.

    Best to you and ride safe!

  3. photographsbyjacques Says:


    I am a photographer at race weekends in Scotland. I don’t do this to make money but as a hobby (I made my money from track days). We just lost a racer (Matt Polanski) this weekend. I am going to be doing a collectin of photos of Matt and was I wondering if you would give me the honour to use your poem on the 1st picture of our fallen hero. I won’t be adding any accreditation on my photos of myself as I don’t feel it’s right for me to gain anything from this sad accident. I would like to however put a link to your blog so people know you are the author and that you gave permission to use your poem.

    This will be posted on Facebook and my website front page (website will be one photo with poem written over it). I understand it’s very hard work to create these beautiful poems and don’t want to make you feel obligated to help out. I can’t pay anything like for example $500 as stated above (I work 9-5 to support my photography) except make sure people know you gave the use of the poem for this memorial to Matt.

    I appreciate your time.
    Kind regards

    PS: Please delete this comment if you please after reading it.

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