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The Weak Battery

October 31, 2010

Little hints in life tell you things… like dark clouds indicating rain is coming, or when you were a kid and your sister kicks you under the table for taking the last chicken leg. ¬†Motorcycles are like that too – they do funny, unexpected things like when your battery starts to show its age.


Fitful starts,

headlight dim.

Trips reset-

outlook grim.



Driller’s Honored Ride

October 11, 2010

The CNBC web site indicated recently that there have been approximately 184 million gallons of crude oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico. This fact, besides the loss of eleven men is unfortunate on many levels. It is very distressing that their lives and the family members have been lost in the disaster’s translation (sorta speak). I honor those brave souls. And for months beyond others wrestle the belching beast below. We honor them also. –


Eleven souls lost from blast, fire and falls,

Brave men; who drill deep down past sea, through earth-

To make this nation run its daily course and more,

They worked unseen, unsung and paid the fullest measure worth.


Shock and heat dispatched the topside show; yet below,

of monumental challenges left beneath-

a mile or more of reach to stop the flow.

The anger grew as fish nor oyster fit for tables set.


But on we ride; and at the pump reflect upon those men,

who struggle daily to control a beast beneath the waves.

Their brawn and brains applied to wrestle steel in darkest night,

Whilst skimming seas of oily grime and seabirds; washing saves.


Salute to those now lost did make my ride a joy!

Their eyes are dimmed from time; but view eternity through this riders bliss-

Two cylinders that crush the fuel those proud eleven found,

Propel me through creation’s profound majesty.