Bond Bubble Bobber

The definition of a ‘bobber’ style motorcycle is vague and ill-defined. Mostly a bobber is a stripped down bike (no chrome or fenders) with a very low seat and a raised fuel tank. Additionally, the bobber has relatively ‘fat’ tires and high handlebars so that the rider has to reach to put his hands on the handlebars. The core idea of a bobber is dark, minimalist, somewhat uncomfortable riding.  Sounds like the fixed income market of 2010 to me! Hopefully, if you are reading this you already know what a bond bubble is…


Panic flows of dollars dear deposited in bonds,

fixed instruments of low returns most popular for today-

This bobber missing tins and guards, no chrome will shine it’s true;

A minimum of function –  or returns that are delayed.


A two year lists for almost naught,

The fives and tens, bare minimums at best-

A bobber goes along quite fine with few of the refinements,

But out of gas it quickly rolls into a state of rest.


Bobber tires are round and fat and full of pumped up air-

security investors seek, some paltry pay for play.

A minimum for both – of ride, percentage risk returns;

Praying for deflation in a oddly quiet way!


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