Mallow Cup-Motorcycle Mission-Build

Just realized I hadn’t written a motorcycle poem yet this month… Since inspiration was lacking (maybe gloomy weather) – snacks came to mind. It’s hard to write a good motorcycle riding poem about snacks. So this would have to be a poem-build effort. However – going for food is a frequent and, dare I say defendable use of your motorcycle. We all do it all the time. Come on – admit it! Sometimes we need a special treat (see my Kung Pao Ride poem); and often its a sweet pulling us along. Most of you are probably too young to remember the Mallow Cup. It’s a marshmallow filled chocolate disk (like a Reeces Cup) – but sweeter. They are made in Pennsylvania so usually they are hard to find west of the Mississippi. But one day I just had to find one.


Unease and discontent contend,

for tastes of flavors sweet yet creamy.

Do beams of light an end of rain portend-

to burn the wet and make us steamy.


Alas, to meet the needs of taste bud’s palette pain,

and purge unease that dogs the modern boomers’ peace;

the Mallow Cup! of childhood memory lane,

that discontent would flee and cease!


Another mission posted for the v-twin powered steed-

To track the mystic mallow cure in far off longhorn lands.

The roar of power and road behind me leads,

to cruise and greet the Mallow Cup placed gently in my hands.


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