asteroid impact biker

Some people don’t realize the asteroid threat to earth. It seems strange to many that a big rock could fall from above and crush their way of life. Well, if you’re one of those liberal democrats – you’d better listen up to your big brother! The Feds believe in it. They have allocated BILLIONS towards research to find and counter outer space threats. It’s very interesting that the Book of Revelation says one day a massive object will hit one of our oceans… Hopefully, I’ll be riding my motorcycle away from the impact zone! I thought I’d write this poem in e e cummings’ style


frights and ills beset us dearly

earthquakes floods and famines yearly

celestial peace it gives us light

except the asteroids smash us might


motorcycles quick they run

gas mileage fair when day is done

but can my steed outrun a stone

a mile wide from heaven thrown


listen close to scientists

they have the smarts and they keep lists

predictions say were safe today

but keep gas in your bike always


the stars may fall quite suddenly

tunguskas warning fresh you see

i ride to flee the impact zone

find higher ground to make my own


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