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Weekend Calorie Rider

March 19, 2011

More than two thousand years ago a group of jewish separatists authored what we call the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’. Scholars contend that from these writings we can determine much about their beliefs and even their daily lives. This begs the question – what will be the defining attributes of our culture should someone dig up our way of life many years hence? I suggest it will probably be fast food lingo… And yes – I’m sure if I were to submit this poem to the editors of the New Yorker magazine; it would be gleefully rejected. I must use too many semicolons!


Quiet dry road in early calm,

rat racers in repose; remain.

A weekend yet in stillness balm;

Roar on towards nurishment’s refrain.


Cheerful lights and happy signs-

Fresh and warm; my wheels slow.

She smiles and greets; familiar lines.

“Will this be for here; or to go”?


Taxing V-Twin

March 14, 2011

Tax time comes every year – just about the time things are starting to warm up. But you have to be sure there is enough going to uncle sam before you commit to getting that new motorcycle!


Taxation vexation,

I need a V-Twin;

Escape this 1040,

A refund to win!


Income, disbursements;

those medical bills.

My handlebars becon-

go ride through the hills.


Property taxes,

and tithing – I pray;

will ¬†find open spaces…

on schedule A.


Additions completed,

subtractions are few.

A stamp for the postman-

My old bike will do.