Taxing V-Twin

Tax time comes every year – just about the time things are starting to warm up. But you have to be sure there is enough going to uncle sam before you commit to getting that new motorcycle!


Taxation vexation,

I need a V-Twin;

Escape this 1040,

A refund to win!


Income, disbursements;

those medical bills.

My handlebars becon-

go ride through the hills.


Property taxes,

and tithing – I pray;

will  find open spaces…

on schedule A.


Additions completed,

subtractions are few.

A stamp for the postman-

My old bike will do.


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2 Responses to “Taxing V-Twin”

  1. Captain Obvious Says:

    Hahaha…. awesome. Youve won yourself a new subscriber. You rock dude.

  2. mcpoems Says:

    Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your taxes!


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