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Convertible Command

April 16, 2011

Have you ever had your eye on a motorcycle that’s completely ‘out of your reach’ financially. No!? Well I have for sure! The new Harley Davidson Convertible (soft-tail family) is just about the most perfect motorcycle I’ve seen to date. Sleek lines, comfortable seat, BIG power, and just plain good looking. Oh, and BIG $$$ too! I may update this poem as it is a work in progress. An yes, don’t look for this poem in the New Yorker magazine poetry section either- the poetry editor won’t like it.


Carelessly it knifes the breeze,

conquers rolling hills with ease.

Asphalt flat salutes its reign-

sovereign ride for those who gain.


Big twin proud, one hundred ten,

throttle through the dragon’s den.

polished chrome on wheels so bright;

price tag large – my wallet lite!


Custom built up north you know-

King of Softails; seat real low.

Bags and glass can come; or no.

Convertible; a C-V-O!


Waxing Rider

April 4, 2011

Spring is upon us, and summer is just around the corner. Keeping your bike looking great requires hours of waxing; oh, and plenty of elbow grease! Note: this poem is a work in progress and may be updated periodically.


Washing blue metal, hands on concrete;

drops of sweat dripping; the chopper looks neat.

Polish the headlight, primary all chrome,

the blinkers must sparkle before I can roam.


Some others in darkness,

all black; tins and heads-

they carelessly wander

cast gloom, fear and dread.


Cheerfully focus, dull spots get more grease.

Always there’s grit, endless job doesn’t cease.

The goal is to glisten; sore muscles and backs-

Solution is simple, buy more Turtle Wax!