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Rider Who Stayed out in the Cold

May 20, 2011

The 1965 cold war spy movie – The Spy Who Came in from the Cold –  staring Richard Burton; uniquely distills the caustic fear of ruthless enemies. As the character Control says; ‘We can’t stay outside all the time, we have to come in from the cold’. Wrong! The new Russians are just a warmed over set of commies. Don’t think so – try researching their political support of U.S. foreign policy… You won’t see much support. In addition, even the Bible speaks of the Russians. Check out Ezekiel Chapter 38 and 39. The lesson – stay out in the cold!


Grim design from grudges deep,

Clash red on white make millions sleep-

Treasures lost to hold our ground;

Roll towards the fray, is where I’m found.


Sputnik hurled high overhead;

Fear on fear; go up or dread-

Efforts spent on rocket speed,

Throttle up my chromed out steed!


Formations green of tanks on tanks,

German towns are full of yanks.

Fortunes spent to hold the line-

Acceleration – always fine!


The wall came down; and now we’re friends!

Long knives in sheaths, gold made both ends.

But cracks appear as money boils-

Osama’s dead on other’s soil.


The Middle East is next to flash-

will Moscow lead a ghastly clash?

Simmer on! this war of old-

My handlebars, I grip; still cold.