Road Reader Rider

If you ride a motorcycle, you need to remember to read the road as a first priority. Because you are more vulnerable than a four wheeled vehicle, roadway threats like potholes or debris can really ruin your day. Motorcyclists must maintain vigilance and read the road with diligence!


On motorcycles lean and quick,

look you must; some spots are slick.

Scooters, mopeds, sleds and trikes;

inspect the road, when you ride bikes.


Concrete may be new and bright,

but potholes bite in morning light.

Orphan bricks may give you fright-

headlight beam to search at night!


Faulty asphalt placed by crews,

may feature views of you – on news.

Rain falls gently in your path,

while pickups pass with raging wrath!


To ride a curve takes strategy,

inside-out makes tragedy.

the slope and size, on entry know;

of radius, before you go!


Abandoned boards will slap your wheel,

and toss you off your hard won deal.

So if you ride a v-twin steed;

read the road – always; Indeed!


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