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Photon Powered Pistons

September 1, 2011

Sadly, this past week a White House touted solar cell company in California went bust. Solar technology is THE brass ring to green energy, but it seems we just can’t get there today. OK – let’s be realistic. Keep working towards the solar solution; fine. But don’t try to sell an energy pig in a poke today. Get it right, then bring it to market PLEASE!! In the mean time I’ll use my gas and pistons to ride-


Ceasless progress below the sun,

knowing more efficient fun.

Silicon with volts comprise;

gadgets without gas surprise-

Today my ride on pistons – flys!


Panels capture sunlight bright,

built in factories clean and tight.

Lefties mouth a future fine,

except for costs; a cautious sign!

Today my ride on pistons is devine.


Learn we must to use the light-

that God provides and is delight!

Toil on to find the sunshine key;

Electrons flow from sand for free!

Today my ride on pistons set at fifty-two degrees.