Angel on My Riser

If you ever wondered what mechanical, well, ‘wonder’ holds the handlebars to the triple-tree; it’s known as the riser. It rises off the triple-tree ( the long thingy that holds a motorcycles’ front wheel in place ). Anyway, as any frequent rider knows, there are a multitude of threats on the road from debris to rage to weather. Nobody is able to always counter all the threats; so there must be an angel riding on the riser… this is a work in progress as I may make updates.

Admin note: In case you can’t tell, this poem falls into the ‘Inspiration’ category.


A riser riding angel maintains vigil as I roam,

He’s with me as I wonder whether near or far from home.

Heavy throttle on the highway, or a quick stop near the light-

Making paths of mercy happen when distractions cloud my sight.

I can claim no satisfaction of the skill which I possess;

Only thankful of provision riding curves and hills with crests.

So as every ride assails me of those old familiar threats-

Attention, search and execute;

Riser angel catch the rest!

Alternate ending:

Riser angel keep me blessed!


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One Response to “Angel on My Riser”

  1. Bob Baines Says:

    I enjoy your poems & find them very helpful in my bike rider safety presentations.

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