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Cruising All Parts (build)

November 12, 2011

Your motorcycle is a wonderful assemblage of highly engineered parts. Parts that are designed and intended to work together for your enjoyment and safety. Just like your body, when all the parts are working as planned, everything goes swimmingly! But when parts balk, or worse yet – fail; ouch! So you need to care for all your parts, and all your motorcycle parts too! I’m still working on this here poem so check back for updates. Here’s to well tended parts.


Frames bend around and under stress provide,

a curious experience – called a ride.

The wheels of metal disk or lace suspend;

by axels round with bearings race contend.

Enclose the wheels, yes tires often do-

Inflate and check you must; without a crew…

Strong grip to stop are stored within disk brakes;

Keeping riders far from their mistakes.

Big engines hold the power of crushing blows,

from pistons round which pound as fuel flows.

Fenders fend from soil and sand which fly,

while windscreens block much grit from tearing eyes.

So as you ride distinguished down the road.

Pray your parts recite their purposes – quite cold.


Emergency Broadcast Cruiser

November 7, 2011

Have you ever thought about the Federal Emergency Broadcast System? I think (translate speculate) that this ‘tool’ had its origin in the cold war [ see my cold war poem ‘Rider Who Stayed Out in the Cold’ ]. Anyway, if you think about it – what is the upside of an Emergency Broadcast System? Let’s pick a candidate federal emergency… hmmmm… how about a massive U.S. earthquake. OK, now let’s list the benefits of you being interrupted by the Fed’s telling you there has been a giant earthquake. If the earthquake occurred close to your location, is it like you won’t know there was a massive earthquake? If the earthquake was far away from your location, just what does the federal government want you to do? Start your hair on fire, run out of your house or workplace and stampede to the local grocery store and empty the shelves? There are other questions about this national advisory service. Did you see or hear anything from them on 911? No— Is there something CNN, FoxNews or CNBC won’t know? If a national emergency happened in the middle of the night, your tech ‘stuff’ should be off, right? ???


As I ride against the wind, advisories alert to know,

incoming missiles beyond apogee,

chances are they’ll make me glow.

Wheels roll through wet and dry, the feds alert is fake,

a possible event is practiced to a tee-

My triple-tree should have a greater rake!

Adding throttle for a pass, the system broadcast’s fine,

I’ll miss the news I cannot see,

Pipes loud to hear but shimmer, yes they shine.

Around the curve I press to turn, announcements very grim-

My V-twin roars a prayer to Thee;

Emergencies on highly polished chromed-out rims.

Easy Rider

November 4, 2011

The United States of America is in decline. In addition, some foreign money managers believe the U.S. will inevitably default on our sovereign debt. We have been aggressively running our social ponzi schemes and now all we have is potholes and crowded prisons. We have ignored life’s realities for the easy life now.
And you can bet your bottom dollar The New Yorker magazine will NEVER publish this…


Highways long and wide with lights galore,
No fees are paid; but concrete flows and more-
My V-twin gently rolls by countryside adorned in gold,
Big barns enclose machines of cost untold.

Coastal sand is cleaned by hand and weighed,
For leisure parents lay while children waves convey-
My V-twin smoothly rolls by suburbs fed with stamps,
Clinics full; insured by winks of grimy, liberal camps.

Cities of rust diminish hearts of hope; yet young-
Grey skies of shadows deep crush songs unsung
My V-twin glides by lightless streets and empty lots
Abandoned swings hang lifeless, honest citizenship rots.

America proud standing, upholding fake degrees;
Disdaining God for apples full of progressive honeybees.
My V-twin powers past empty pews with pulpits dry,
Of sermons lost on greedy ears and ever needing eyes.

The Occupying Rider

November 3, 2011

Are ‘they’ still occupying? Those poor misguided folks who seem unable to fend for themselves. They move into an area to occupy it then need city services to enable their occupation. Always depending on others… Motorcycle riders occupy their space and rights to ride on the roads, without a thought from others usually. But we’re still there on our own being careful to avoid roadway threats. I seriously doubt The New Yorker magazine will publish this poem either…


Stealthy biker swiftly darts amidst the onslaught horde,
To occupy a lane or two; while liberals camp and cord.
Misguided youth who only know a quick and furious fist
The rider glides his steed in place, avoiding legal lists.

Debts entangle linchpin banks, bad notes and bonds afloat-
Tents and tetanus fester in growing urban gloat;
Media’s agenda drives reporting, not results,
Our rider occupies and rides, avoiding biker cults.

An outcome late with hoses shooting water spray,
To clean and sanitize a calling; squalid in its way-
The rider slows to stop and carefully at intersections bind,
Be generous, but skillful with the automotive kind…
And occupy a rightful place on streets and highways, mind.