Easy Rider

The United States of America is in decline. In addition, some foreign money managers believe the U.S. will inevitably default on our sovereign debt. We have been aggressively running our social ponzi schemes and now all we have is potholes and crowded prisons. We have ignored life’s realities for the easy life now.
And you can bet your bottom dollar The New Yorker magazine will NEVER publish this…


Highways long and wide with lights galore,
No fees are paid; but concrete flows and more-
My V-twin gently rolls by countryside adorned in gold,
Big barns enclose machines of cost untold.

Coastal sand is cleaned by hand and weighed,
For leisure parents lay while children waves convey-
My V-twin smoothly rolls by suburbs fed with stamps,
Clinics full; insured by winks of grimy, liberal camps.

Cities of rust diminish hearts of hope; yet young-
Grey skies of shadows deep crush songs unsung
My V-twin glides by lightless streets and empty lots
Abandoned swings hang lifeless, honest citizenship rots.

America proud standing, upholding fake degrees;
Disdaining God for apples full of progressive honeybees.
My V-twin powers past empty pews with pulpits dry,
Of sermons lost on greedy ears and ever needing eyes.


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One Response to “Easy Rider”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    People would be more appreciate if they ever left this country and traveled overseas.

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