Emergency Broadcast Cruiser

Have you ever thought about the Federal Emergency Broadcast System? I think (translate speculate) that this ‘tool’ had its origin in the cold war [ see my cold war poem ‘Rider Who Stayed Out in the Cold’ ]. Anyway, if you think about it – what is the upside of an Emergency Broadcast System? Let’s pick a candidate federal emergency… hmmmm… how about a massive U.S. earthquake. OK, now let’s list the benefits of you being interrupted by the Fed’s telling you there has been a giant earthquake. If the earthquake occurred close to your location, is it like you won’t know there was a massive earthquake? If the earthquake was far away from your location, just what does the federal government want you to do? Start your hair on fire, run out of your house or workplace and stampede to the local grocery store and empty the shelves? There are other questions about this national advisory service. Did you see or hear anything from them on 911? No— Is there something CNN, FoxNews or CNBC won’t know? If a national emergency happened in the middle of the night, your tech ‘stuff’ should be off, right? ???


As I ride against the wind, advisories alert to know,

incoming missiles beyond apogee,

chances are they’ll make me glow.

Wheels roll through wet and dry, the feds alert is fake,

a possible event is practiced to a tee-

My triple-tree should have a greater rake!

Adding throttle for a pass, the system broadcast’s fine,

I’ll miss the news I cannot see,

Pipes loud to hear but shimmer, yes they shine.

Around the curve I press to turn, announcements very grim-

My V-twin roars a prayer to Thee;

Emergencies on highly polished chromed-out rims.


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One Response to “Emergency Broadcast Cruiser”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    You have all the news you need.

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