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The Thanksgiving Rider

December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving is many things to American motorcyclists. Hopefully they all take time to thank their Maker for the ride


Clouds roll in and block the blue,
Brisk breezes stiffen mornings’ hue;
Dead leaves remain of summers’ hope-still
hearts aflame ‘ with harvest’s thrill

Breath of life and helping hands are near,
Each day begins afresh with cheer;
Despite the rain or gloom, I choose to ride,
Defeating doubts – I cast aside.

Another year designed is coming to a close,
Blessings cry replacing loved ones in repose-
Thanksgiving to the Maker our souls sing;
Riding Fatboys, Furys and a trailing Triumph touring – to Him bring.


Sportsbike left turn

December 3, 2011

Sportbike rider rumbles in the left turn lane,
Pistons grumble freely, attitude distain.
Throttle breaks the idle with green arrow bright-
Accelerating smartly is the genre’s right;
Second gear transitions as the rider looks towards third-
Dreams of empty streets unfurled, a cruise without the herd.
Downshifts back regretfully, as a lineup snakes his way,
A paving crew relentlessly of labor slows this day.