Rides Yet Undone

Most motorcyclists dream of riding in exotic or far flung places. Me too. I probably under-built this poem and may modify or supplement it soon. But for now… Oh, and just to help the reader understand; the first four lines imply the Sierra Nevada, and the last four lines riding Rushmore and northern Arizona. Ship Rock is a 1700 foot tower sticking up out of the desert.


Snow capped peaks of golden hue,
Sierras vista breaks the blue.
Cruising fatboys over hills
Not today; too many bills.

Foam filled waves on rocky breaks
Seagulls soar for crafty takes-
West coast ride eludes me still,
Must flee the spouses iron will!

Canyons deep of monied towers,
Harried men of sirens soured.
Riding Wall Street is my dream-
Starbucks coffee, room for cream.

Badlands ride past men of lore
West is wind, and dust galore-
Ship Rock on a stout GS,
Back to toil, yes I digress…


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One Response to “Rides Yet Undone”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    portrays the feelings perfectly

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