Red Light Runners

On my perch at the local Starbucks one can see many interesting traffic events and anomalies. Red light running seems to be a growing problem. People don’t want to slow and wait their turn. Imagine that! I predict it won’t improve because societal stress isn’t going away. So here’s to those who can’t seem to slow as the intersection light goes amber.


Dump trucks, SUVs and motorcycles too,

At intersections meet; to safely pass on through.

But danger lurks with amber lights;

resentment blooms at traffic slights.


Late or rushed or just plain mad-

ignoring cues; the speeding lad,

demands his rights and faster goes-

under red for other’s woes!


No metal cage or bags of air,

protect the biker, right and fair.

Red Light Runners aim to kill-

Collisions sudden trump your skill.


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One Response to “Red Light Runners”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Sad this is a real danger for riders. Take care out there.

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