Routine Riding

This is a follow up to Rides Yet Undone.


Have you grooved your BMW past pyramids of stone?
raced the MultiStrada over catacombs of martyr’s bone?
blast your Rocket III beside the battlements of Norman lore?
parked to rest your Yamaha on Tripoli’s far and storied shore?

While idling down under have you heard the melody,
of your Fatboy’s twin cam engine as young gulls glide near the sea?
What about volcanic rock, where sulfur fouls the air?
Have you bested grand Mt. Etna on a Kawasaki dare?

Have you rolled a big twin Victory around Paris where it’s quaint,
Or ridden high, the Andies; lack of air will make you faint!
Has your V-twin growled for hours riding south towards Panama?
Smoothly glide your trusty GoldWing past big feedlots – Omaha!

If your riding is just routine; to the store and back again,
Never crossing baking deserts or the rainy plains of Spain.
Never fear, for you’re still members of a great fraternity,
Riding through the ageless breezes full of carbon you can’t see.


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One Response to “Routine Riding”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    What pictures you have created! “ageless breezes”= excellent

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