Fuel System Smartie Build

Thought I’d start a new class of motorcycle poem called a Smartie. These poems express technical information in poetic form. Hope you enjoy; and don’t forget to browse some of my older submissions!


High octane at the pump a must,
Push ninety-three or crud and crust.
Cover bright protects the space,
Nozzle goes with gas to place.

Flowing smooth into the tank
With credit card you pay the bank.
Around it swirls, spits and spins,
New tank full, more rider’s whims.

Replace the cap with care and then-
Reset the trip to show you when…
Liquid flows on through the tube,
Injection jets to pistons prove.

Burst of power pushes down,
And makes your bike on-time; Uptown.
So now you see how fuel doth flow-
Smartly keeps you in the know!



One Response to “Fuel System Smartie Build”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    OK poetry is difficult enough to do – add technical info into that mix? Obviously you are up to the challenge. Finely tuned.

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