Signs Along the Way

It is important to pass along to future generations of motorcyclists the visual advertising clutter which obscured creations glory. So here is a tome to billboards we all endure.


Bracelets gleam to charm the few,
groceries priced just right, for you;
That bold new car will set you right!
Of billboards strewn amongst the blight.

Sparkling smiles by Dentist Brown,
It’s sixty-five degrees downtown-
Will purchase house, rundown or new-
Signs with neon red and blue.

Burger Hut just nineteen miles,
Customize your dashboard dials;
Pools we’ll clean of algae stain,
Airline miles for credit strain-

To ride a road of pristine view!
Not endless signs of hawkers spew-
The future looks forever bright,
L-E-Ds scream ‘buy!’- all night.


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One Response to “Signs Along the Way”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Ban billboards. Visual blight.

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