The Light is Green

From the ‘tens upon tens’ of hits this blog receives every month – it’s easy to see that motorcycle poetry is fast becoming the poetic ‘skull candy’ of the 21st century. You guys just can’t live without it. But it’s difficult to come up with a rhyme that defines sub-urban cruising on a V-twin each week. So sometimes I lower the bar with a lyrical complaint. It’s like a ‘friend of Job’ on his motorcycle who’s here to help… What we need is more brotherly love in traffic-

Why is it that some folks stop at an intersection then mentally disengage from their surroundings? They chat on their phones or paint their lips or text their friends. Mean time, the light which only lasts fifteen seconds has been green for five. Very considerate of them for the folks behind…
So here’s to you and your A-D-D problem!


Blustery sunshine fills spring’s noon,
Out for a drive, your sleek saloon.
Kids in back have too much fun;
Red light and stop, slow shopping run.
It just went green, her bangs undone.

Big intersection, lots of time,
Text tax idea – refund sublime!
You turn around for backseat scream-
Behind you other drivers steam
The light is green; she’s quite serene.

Hip-hop loud we all enjoy,
Pickup high your bully toy!
Diesel fumes they smell so great
Why don’t you participate?
The light is green- accelerate.

Your boyfriend quotes his love again,
Hanging-out is where he’s been;
Attention to the phone so dear,
The horns you hear are at your rear!
The light is green while trailers sneer-


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2 Responses to “The Light is Green”

  1. Jeff Summitt Says:

    I am searching for a poem from the mid 80’s Easyrider magazine called “The ballad of Bonnie and Clive” Any clue where I might find it?

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