Motorcycle Electrical Smartie

This post is one of the more esoteric of the smarties’ series. This is where I attempt to put technical aspects of motorcycles into poetic form. This poem tries to describe how electrons and voltage play their role in a motorcycles engine. Whenever vehicle electrical systems are considered, the battery as the ‘well’ of voltage and electron flow performs a vital function to get things going. Once running, the generator or alternator keeps the electrical components pulsed through the voltage regulator and safety fuses. The primary objective of this poem is to confuse someone reading it in the year 3500. Did I succeed?


Voltage is the sparc that blasts,
Energy from air and gas;
Likewise keys are used for on,
Energize your ride at dawn.

Generator mounted low
Crankshaft in with cover glow.
Around the shaft turns magnets fixed-
Volts they flow towards box that stricts

Electrons from the box just right
Splash through the battery day or night.
Stronger doth the battery grow,
Push pulse through coil to spark plug glow-

And once again returned for sparc-
Electrons lost down piston dark,
But found again as crankshaft turns,
Along the path for voltage churn!


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