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The Consulting Motorcycle Detective

April 26, 2012

Something I threw together after watching PBS…

Sherlock Holmes continues to fascinate millions, despite the repetitive retellings. Something tells me he didn’t believe in big government. Anyway, what would he be able to tell about you from your ride using his special brand detailed observation…


Tires just less than full inflated-
Birthday cards sent quite belated.
Headlight smeared, bug residue;
Details left for others do.

Polished chrome bright all-round,
Appearance more than substance found-
Shiny seat, but oil drips low,
Rider;  till he needs a tow.

Carbon black in pipes of steel-
Acceleration is quite his deal.
Tank is always full of fuel;
Worry first; his basic rule.

Smell of wax from front to back,
Investor mind, pick stocks his knack.
Toolkit case below the bars-
Deception’s ride beneath the stars.


Full Dresser Chihuahua

April 23, 2012

Still working this one… But getting close

First problem I had was determining how to spell Chihuahua.
What a sight! Small dog riding on back of Harley touring motorcycle


Wire cage dimensions small,
Perched high upon a Harley stern-
One loose bolt; would be a fall;
Chihuahua leans when biker turns.

Panting hard each red light stop,
Dries out in hot wind back there-
barking shrill at passing cop;
Gas prices he doth not compare.

Goggles do not grace his snout-
Nor helmet strapped upon his dome.
He boldly rides in rain and drought,
Jumping out at Java’s home.

Chihuahua needs to make the scene,
More friends he finds on every ride-
Cruising throne; he looks quite keen-
the quiet life – cannot abide.

The Harley Sale

April 12, 2012

Just to prove I’m actually working on something…
You don’t need me to tell you that most riders would love to own at least one ‘Big Twin’ Harley Davidson motorcycle. I know I would! But Harley’s are premium machines for several reasons and are out of reach for some ( like me ). So in the season of miracles, here’s to the Harley Sale!


A boy with panic in his eyes, cries out around our town-
Past barber shop and grocery store, the florist and the jail.
The news’ enough to chill your blood, apocalypse come down;
The Harley Store across the way, its bikes they are on sale!

To get there just drive down the street, towards Hen’s Teeth boulevard,
Then left two miles and on your right, high schoolers study hard.
Almost there; two plastic ducks adorn a public house-
Where Democrats, they learn to add; and deficits discard!

Across the road you’ll see the sign, new motorcycles shine,
Bright colors lure your hearts desire, chrome flashes in the glare.
Look closely and you’ll faint in place, red tags on big-twins fine;
Grown men do cry, and others kneel, to thank the LORD for care-

New Softails start at only nine, and Dynas less than eight!
Shocking prices sure to please, the buyers will stay late-
But suddenly there is a nudge, my ribs – a sharp and nasty pain;
She says “stop dreaming of a Harley Sale. They’re prices shall not wain,”
“just go and buy, for my sake please, ’tis sleep I must obtain!”

Good Friday Rider

April 6, 2012

Should I ride on Good Friday? How important is the day?


Temptation sits in my garage,
It teases chrome and power,
Carelessly to chase the wind;
Blind to passing hours.

A day of work, of sweat and pain,
Two thousand years ago;
We overlook that sacrifice
about our business – go.

No need of somber countenance,
Towards Easter that we ride,
Yet hearts who listen on the road;
Know it’s them- for whom HE died.