Full Dresser Chihuahua

Still working this one… But getting close

First problem I had was determining how to spell Chihuahua.
What a sight! Small dog riding on back of Harley touring motorcycle


Wire cage dimensions small,
Perched high upon a Harley stern-
One loose bolt; would be a fall;
Chihuahua leans when biker turns.

Panting hard each red light stop,
Dries out in hot wind back there-
barking shrill at passing cop;
Gas prices he doth not compare.

Goggles do not grace his snout-
Nor helmet strapped upon his dome.
He boldly rides in rain and drought,
Jumping out at Java’s home.

Chihuahua needs to make the scene,
More friends he finds on every ride-
Cruising throne; he looks quite keen-
the quiet life – cannot abide.


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